Minn Kota Updates iPilot Software

RACINE, Wis – Improving on the best wireless GPS trolling system on the water, Minn Kota’s new Micro Remote accessory and a new software update for i-Pilot Link are now available. 

 i-Pilot Link Software Upgrade

 The latest i-Pilot Link update will allow anglers to take fish-finding and boat control to the next level with new innovative functions. The update is available to download free at Humminbird.com. “One of the best features of i-Pilot Link is the ability to evolve the product through software updates,” Maryanov said. “We’re excited to add enhanced functionality and value for anglers with features like Prop Auto-on and High Speed Bypass.”

Prop Auto-on is a user-selectable setting that tells an angler’s i-Pilot Link system to automatically turn the trolling motor prop on every time a GoTo function is enabled.

The High Speed Bypass function allows users to hit top speed on-demand and return back to original speed at the push of a button. This is extremely valuable for maneuverability and making quick motor adjustments.

Enables your i-Pilot Link to work with the new Micro Remote accessory, for quick control of Spot-Lock, speed, steering and Advanced AutoPilot.

Micro Remote Accessory

Compatible with both i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link systems, the Micro Remote provides quick command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock, Advanced AutoPilot™ and prop on/off, all from a compact design. It is waterproof, comes standard with a neck lanyard, and works along with existing i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link remotes. The Micro Remote accessory has a suggested retail price of $99.99.

“The integrated LCD screens on the i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link remote controls make it easy to keep track of each active function,” Minn Kota Senior Product Manager Dave Maryanov said. “However, for the times when you simply need quick command of steering and the most used i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link features, the Micro Remote is the perfect solution.”

For more information, visit minnkotamotors.com, contact Minn Kota, P.O. Box 8129, Mankato, MN 56002, or call 800-227-6433.