Milltech Marine Announces Acquisition and Eyes the Future

Tuckerton, N.J. – Milltech Marine, a global leader in marine safety specializing in Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and communications systems, announced today it has been acquired by Jason Young, former Global Sales Director for Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of AIS solutions. Young has committed Milltech to continuing its legacy of exceptional customer service, while expanding its reach to small manufacturers looking to move into the American market.

“Jason was instrumental in the growth of Vesper Marine in the U.S. and he’s been tireless in his dedication to providing superior service to our customers,” said Jeff Robbins, founder, Vesper Marine. “Milltech Marine and Vesper have worked closely together for 14 years and Jason’s continual focus on innovation and exceptional product support are a perfect fit for this next chapter. I look forward to watching Jason take Milltech to new heights.”

illtech Marine was founded in 2006 and focuses on marine safety and communications for recreational and commercial boaters. AIS products, antennas and navigation software have been a major part of the business for over 15 years, and it is looking to expand into more general marine safety products. The company is a full-service provider with pre- and post-sales support to help users create and maintain the best combination of products for any marine communication needs. Milltech Marine has also expanded its range of offerings and currently is the master U.S. distributor for Alltek Marine Electronics Corp (AMEC) and Comar Systems and a major distributor / dealer for em-trak, Rose Point Navigation Systems, Morad Antenna and Vesper Marine. The company is also an authorized dealer for most other major marine brands.

“Milltech has established a solid reputation for not only offering a broad range of products from the industry’s top manufacturers to fit any need, but also to provide exceptional support to its customers across the country,” said Jason Young, owner, Milltech Marine. “We will continue to build on this reputation with our eyes firmly on the future. We intend to expand our offerings by engaging smaller innovative manufacturers looking to trade in the American market and bolster our support network so that we can offer the highest level of attention to our customers. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the ultimate authority in marine safety.”

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