Mike Iaconelli teams up with Flambeau Outdoors to co-design X-Treme Tackle Storage line

MIDDLEFIELD, OHIO – Teaming up with Bassmaster Elite star Mike Iaconelli, Flambeau Outdoors is reinventing the conventional tackle tray with a new design offering unmatched possibilities for creative customization and a ramped-up dose of anticorrosive Zerust: the result is the Iaconelli co-designed X-Treme Tackle Storage (XTS) line.

A completely customizable battery of small internal boxes replaces the traditional divider system found in conventional tackle trays. These divider boxes allow anglers to mix and match as needed. They can be swapped out or completely removed to create a bulk storage area anywhere in the box for items like pliers, bags of soft plastics, extra-large lures and line spools. Internal box dividers stay in place even when adjacent dividers are removed to create bulk storage. Divider boxes come in four sizes and are completely interchangeable throughout the line.

“At a time when other tackle storage companies are pretty much all doing the same thing, Flambeau is offering something truly new and different here,” said Iaconelli. “The Zerust corrosion protection and this completely new divider system set Flambeau’s new XTS boxes apart from a sea of indistinguishable, same-old, same-old stuff.”

The X-Treme series boxes will boast a higher concentration of vapor corrosion inhibitor than any other storage option offered to date. Internal divider boxes are molded completely from Zerust-emitting blue plastic, greatly increasing the surface area of Zerust corrosion inhibitor.

Attention to fine details, including a lid that stands open at half cock, saves valuable seconds for tournament anglers and recreational fishermen alike. A convenient grab handle and quick, easy-to-operate latches make the X-Treme series more ergonomic and faster-handling than conventional trays. Lids are see-through, and all three sizes nest together for stacking.

“The new X-Treme tackle boxes allow me to quickly and easily tailor color combinations and lure choices to the conditions and locations I’m fishing,” said Iaconelli. “I’m proud to have had a hand in co-designing this awesome new tackle storage system.”

The X-Treme Tackle Storage line consists of three size options. The 101XTS is 13” x 8” x 2 3/8” (exterior), roughly the same size as a 5000-series Tuff Tainer. Preloaded with 12 small and three medium Zerust divider boxes, this option shines for terminal tackle storage. MSRP is $11.49.

The two larger XTS boxes are roughly the size of a pair of 5000-series Tough Tainers placed side by side. The 301XTS measures 16.5” x 13” x 2 3/8” (exterior) and includes four small, eight medium and eight large divider boxes for a wide array of storage options. MSRP is $19.99. The 351XTS is the double-deep version of the 301XTS. Measuring 16.5” x 13” x 4 3/4” (exterior), it’s perfect for bulky, high-volume items like soft plastics. It comes loaded with four large double-deep box dividers and four extra-large double-deep dividers. MSRP is $29.99.