Megabass® Pony Gabot

To create the illusion of a real aquatic creature, the PONY GABOT’s large Catamaran Mouth (D.PAT.P) bites into the water, and uses the water resistance as a pivot-point to lift its rear up slightly so it can hit against the surface, resulting in a never-before-seen type of realistic presence. What makes this possible is the low center-of-gravity design and the iconic tail, which combine to create the unique rocking movement. The pendulum-inspired back and forth motion combined with the surface contact of the tail control the excessive jumping and rolling that has plagued past models. By using a larger body, it retains a clearly visible silhouette while stationary, and drastically reduces missed bites common with popper frogs. Furthermore, with the original hook design and super-thin, super-soft body, it realizes overwhelming hookup rates. It snags rough bites coming from beneath cover with a high rate of success. The PONY GABOT will overthrow your preconceptions about frogs, and bring further excitement to your summer top water games.

The “Catamaran Mouth(D.PAT.P)” design uses its high stability to reduce the excessive midair rolls that can lead to missed bites, and give the lure the ability to perform pinpoint turns. The unique mouth design draws from the design of catamaran boats, and creates lifelike, airy popping sounds. While dog walking, this design also creates water-penetrating sound waves along with splashing.

The original hook design evades floating cover, and boasts high hookup rates, allowing for a stress free approach to heavy cover.

The pony tail skirt reduces contact and resistance on the water’s while not inter fering with dog walking. It follows the swinging motion of the body with a slight delay, making an extremely appealing target.

Pony Gabot

Pony Gabot Color Chart

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