Meet the premio AI from danco

When it comes to radically innovative, “must have” new gear, danco sports just changed the game in the fishing space. And nobody saw it coming because it wasn’t a radical new piece of electronics; the talk of ICAST 2021 was a pair of pliers.

Created by artificial intelligence and generative design, the new premio AI plier barely tips the scales at 3.2 ounces and is an astonishing 60% lighter than other titanium pliers. Light: but not a lightweight.

premio AI is made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty. By design, these pliers are elite in every way. With a market entry price point at $699, premio AI stands in a category of its own; a tool that delivers elite performance for elite anglers. An exquisite tool for those who insist upon the best. Available March of 2022.

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