Meet The Newest Pad Crasher

The BOOYAH Pad Crasher is legendary for its ability to glide through vegetation and other thick cover, prompting vicious strikes and solidly hooking bass to haul them out of the thick stuff. The Poppin’ Pad Crasher and Pad Crasher Jr., variations of the original Pad Crasher, each meet specific needs for frog fishing.

Even so, a need has existed for one more member of Pad Crasher family. One that popped and splashed AND offered a smaller profile. Until now, that is!

Lure Specs

The BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr. blends the design of the Poppin’ Pad Crasher and the size of Pad Crasher Jr. Like the Poppin’ Pad Crasher, it has a cupped mouth to create extra surface disturbance to help fish find it and prompt strikes. Like the Pad Crasher Jr., it is only 2 inches long, making it look like an easy meal.

The Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr. is armed with a stout and ultra-sharp, double 2/O hook, which is designed to stay out of snags but provide very high hook-up rates. It comes in 11 colors, including the most popular Pad Crasher colors and two colors – Pumpkinseed and Fire Tiger – that are not available in any other Pad Crasher models.

Like every BOOYAH Pad Crasher, this bait casts extremely well, slides easily through weeds and other cover, collapses for high percentage hooksets and offers a fabulous frog profile.

When to Use It

BOOYAH Product director Chad Warner has at least one version of a Pad Crasher tied on from the post-spawn period through the end of fall and will use one A LOT throughout that period. The specific model or models depends on the cover and the conditions.

The new Poppin’ Pad Crasher fills an important niche for those times when Warner wants extra surface disturbance and a downsized profile in the same frog. It performs perfectly in situations where the Poppin’ Pad Crasher would be a little too large, and the Pad Crasher Jr. would be a bit too subtle.

Choppy water, heavy stain and thick cover are the types of conditions that suggest a popping version for extra splash. Smaller forage, smaller average fish size and heavy fishing pressure point toward a diminutive frog. Put those together – something that happens more frequently than it might seem like it would – and you get perfect conditions for a Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr.

Where to Fish

The Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr. excels around cover that’s hard to fish with other topwater lures, especially patchy but thick cover that includes open spots for popping the bait and thick stuff that fish can hide in.

That said, the popping face on this frog make it effective in open water, where it can call fish with a splashy walk or be fished slower, like a traditional popper.

The Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr. is extra good around vegetation that has small bluegills beneath it and in areas where young-of-the-year shad are plentiful.

Why a Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr.

Like many great baits, the Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr. came from angler demand. Many fishermen love the Poppin’ Pad Crasher and the diversity of fish-calling sounds and actions they can get out of it but sometimes wish they had a smaller version. An equal number of anglers are enamored by the Pad Crasher Jr. and its smaller profile but think it is a bit too quiet for certain situations.

With so many Pad Crasher enthusiasts requesting the same combination of properties in the same frog, BOOYAH knew there was an absolute need for a Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr. and went into creation mode.

How to Fish

“Any way you want to fish it,” is Warner’s short answer to how to work the Poppin’ Pad Crasher Jr., and the truth is that you want to vary presentations to find out how the fish want it.

Swimming steadily or using long pulls make the bait chug. Quick wrist twitches make it pop or spit. Repeated quick twitches, with the line kept semi slack, make it walk the dog with surprising ease, but with added splash because of its popping face. Mixing in bigger, sharp snaps even makes the bait hop a little.

Vary speed, movements and cadences, not forgetting to mix in pauses in strategic locations and pay attention to what triggers strikes!