Maxima Fishing Line Mounts New TV on Wall

It’s common for anglers to mount sensational trophy catches on the wall. However, at the Maxima USA headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon, they’re planning to mount something more unusual— a new 110″ UHD LED big screen. And it’s all to watch the national debut of a new 30-second TV spot debuting soon for Maxima Fishing Line. We think the spot is a huge head-turner.

Watch it now and see if you agree.

Maxima USA has been a prominent brand and industry advertiser for more than 60 years, but this is the first time national television advertising has played an major role in their marketing strategy. “It was important Maxima make a big splash with their first spot,” said Advertising Director, Alex Brauer. “We believe anglers will be thoroughly entertained and Maxima’s retailers, distributors and wholesalers will see how the efforts translate into increased demand.”

The spot, nicknamed “Maxima Migration,” runs nationally on World’s Fishing Network’s, Fishing 411 and Comcast Sportsnet’s, Day One Outdoors beginning in July. The spot was produced by Portland, Oregon, advertising agency, Fish Marketing, which recently merged with Maxima’s long time agency, BDC Advertising in neighboring Oregon City, Oregon. 

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