Fisherman’s Paradise Still Exists in This Isolated Florida Town

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t’s not every day that you get to spend hours out on the water hauling in whatever exotic fish your heart desires, unless you’re on the team over at Seriously, that’s their job—to go out into the wilds of Florida in search of whatever the sea or lake may bring—and they’re at it day after day. Rough life, huh?

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the team over at Salty Shores, where we found contributor Sam Root piling over video archives. Sam spends most of his time in the field or in his editing studio. In the last week alone, he’s tamed tarpon, redfish, snook, bonito, sharks and sea catfish—he’s documented them all. So much adventure adds up to one heck of an Instagram feed. It also adds up to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding Florida’s best kept fishing secrets.

Matlacha (pronounced Matt-la-shay) is one of them.


You’ll find the tiny fishing village of less than a thousand nestled on the Sunshine State’s western coast between Fort Myers and the Pine Island Sound, as Root explains before pulling a video out of his archives. The video is just one of the weekly treasures over at Salty Shores—fly fishing for baby tarpon on Matlacha.

“We got the footage in two days of fishing,” says Root. “The footage was originally done for the now defunct magazine Fly Fishing Saltwater on their first ever iPad edition.” The adventure highlights a trip with Captain Joe Harley and crew as they haul in tarpon on flies, which Root says added to the adventure. “Though using conventional equipment can be more productive, especially in deep waters, it’s not quite as exciting mainly because you don’t see the eat like you would in fly fishing.”

The footage is beautiful. It’s also guaranteed to make you want to grab a fly rod and hot-foot it to the nearest lake. After all, soaking in isolated places like Matlacha are what fishing is all about. Be sure to click the play button at the top of the page to see for yourself.