Mann’s Introduces Goliath Frog

If you’ve fished anywhere warm and swampy, you’ve probably seen bullfrogs the size of cats. Now, you can fish with one.

Mann’s Bait Company has released one of the largest frog baits on the market, and they’re calling it the Goliath Frog. The company sent FTR a release on the bait, which you can read below.

Eufaula, AL, October 28, 2014– The adage “size matters” is true, especially when it comes to frog lures and big bass. The Goliath FrogTM from Mann’s Bait Co. is a larger bodied frog that casts easier, sits higher, and fishes better than traditional smaller hollow bodied frog baits. Equipped with a specially designed MustadTM dual-hook system, an engineered weight system, and extra-long skirts for legs, this bait really calls up the hogs. The Goliath Frog can be fished across any type of vegetation, as well as open water for explosive bites. The body has been designed and field tested to virtually eliminate any water entry as the bait is twitched, fished in a “walk-the-dog” fashion, or simply slowly retrieved. Goliath Frog will have a suggested retail price of $9.99 and available in 4 fish catching colors: Black, Chartreuse, Bullfrog and Everglades. Available in a large variety of tackle stores nationwide. Ask for it by name.

Mann’s Bait Company, a leading manufacturer of all types of artificial lures, produces the industry’s most widely recognizable brands for fresh and saltwater fishing markets. All of our lures are manufactured right here in America, and distributed nationally, as well as in over 50 countries around the world. For a complete selection of styles, colors and availability go to

Did you get all of that? If not, the skinny is this:

  • The Goliath Frog is huge (obviously)
  • It’s equipped with Mustad dual-hooks and extra long skirts
  • It costs about $10 and comes in four colors.

Mann’s has released a creative (and incredibly cheesy) video of the bait in action below. Check it out, and hit up to try some of these bad boys in person.