wide range of colors

Lunkerhunt’s Award-Winning Lunker Frog Lures Hopping To The Front Of The Industry

It’s a uniquely designed fishing lure that is turning the heads of many folks in the fishing industry and profession nationally in 2013. And here’s proof… the innovative Lunkerhunt Lunker Frogs & Pocket Frogs recently won the ICAST2013 Best of Show in the Soft Lure category.

The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is the most life-like frog lure currently available in the industry. This innovative lure sports amazingly accurate, anatomically correct legs that replicate an adult frog — with swimming legs that extend during the retrieve and retract on the pause. At rest, the Lunker Frog is 2.5 inches and extends to 4.5 inches on the retrieve behaving just like a live frog would in the water.

At rest, the body of the Lunker frog drops down a little into the water perfectly mimicking the action of a frog or bullfrog resulting in higher hook-up percentages. The Lunker Frog features high-quality components, a super soft hollow body construction and a weedless design. The product line offers a wide range of colors and patterns ideal for multiple water varieties and fishing circumstances.

wide range of colors

To see the Lunker Frog lure in action just click on this video link:

Lunker Frog

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