5 Ways Lowrance Just Changed Sonar Combos

One hundred and nineteen dollars will get you in the game. That’s less than half the price of one of this year’s hottest holiday gifts: the Nintendo Switch. And yet, it buys anglers some of the most advanced consumer technology on the planet, the new Lowrance HOOK2. Available this holiday season, HOOK2 is poised to redefine expectations for affordable sonar/chart plotter combos by introducing autotuning sonar. That’s right, these units tune themselves to water conditions, leaving anglers free to focus on fishing. Yet, Lowrance says the affordable family of units has more than one trick up its sleeve. To find out why HOOK2 deserves a spot on your store shelves, we went straight to Lowrance for the scoop.

1. Easy to Operate

The new HOOK2 combo models have an intuitive home screen—like your smartphone. You can even customize the screen to fit your personal preferences. Each unit is fully automated so anglers can just turn it on and go fishing. What could be easier than that?

All the stuff that makes electronics complicated is automated with HOOK2. You get a clear, accurate image without any sophisticated on-the-water fine-tuning. Lowrance built that into the units so you don’t need an advanced degree in electrical engineering just to go fishing. And their new wide-angle sonar offers double the high-resolution coverage of most competitors’ units. You’ll see fish arches—and lures—easily without losing clarity or separation.

2. Easy to Afford

The new HOOK2is a terrific value for your customers. The GPS Plotter is built-in on all the fish finder models except the 4X sonar unit. DownScan or DownScan + SideScan Imaging Sonar are priced right for even the most budget-conscious anglers.

With price points from $99 to $1,499, there’s a great unit for every budget and ever angler’s need. No customer is going to walk away from the HOOK2 because of sticker shock. These units are great values with every option an angler could want. For every angler need and budget, there’s a Hook2 to match.

3. Easy to Choose

There are a dozen products in the HOOK2 lineup—from the HOOK2-4x with a 4-inch screen that starts at just $99 to the HOOK2-12 with a 12-inch screen, CHIRP, DownScan and SideScan imaging and GPS mapping that starts at $1,499. In between are 5-, 7-, and 9-inch screens with plenty of options ranging from $119 to $799, depending on the customer’s wants and needs.

Overwhelming a customer is seldom the best way to sell to that customer. If you can make things simple—especially fishing electronics—you remove a lot of barriers and make a purchase much more likely. Simply put, simpler is better, and the HOOK2 makes things very simple indeed.

4. Easy to Install

The new HOOK2 is not only easy to use, it’s easy to install too, with three transducer options. The “Bullet” is all you need for traditional sonar. It’ll track baits and mark fish. The “SplitShot” covers traditional sonar and identifies structure under the boat. “TripleShot” does all that plus DownScan and SideScan imaging. All can be mounted on the foot of a trolling motor, on the back of the transom, or inside the hull of a boat for a “shoot thru” application.

Most of your customers will be able to handle installation themselves. For those who can’t, it’s a service you can add with confidence and a healthy fee. Lowrance was looking out for the dealer when we came up with HOOK2.

5. Easy to Sell

The HOOK2 is just what electronics dealers have been waiting for—affordable, simple to install, user-friendly units with all the bells and whistles but with fewer SKUs (requiring less retail space) and great sales margins.

Whether your customer is a leisure angler looking for family fun, a veteran tournament angler, or somewhere in between, the new HOOKhas an option that will fit the bill. Best of all, the HOOK2 lineup comes with the tools to sell itself, whether your customer is price-sensitive or feature-focused. It’s all there in a dozen high-end units that truly have it all at a price that won’t scare anyone away. The HOOK2 will be a hit with your customers…and with your bottom line!