Lowrance and the Midwest’s Ultimate Fishing System

In a fishery as diverse as the American Midwest, it’s bold to say that one company offers the “ultimate fishing system.” After all, the freshwater options in the Midwest are likely the most expansive anywhere in the world. There are warm- and cold-water options, natural lakes, rivers and reservoirs, small lakes and Great Lakes, and every type of gamefish imaginable. To claim “ultimate” status here you’d better have “game.”

Lowrance does. The electronics pioneer launched sonar in the fishing world back in 1957 with the “Little Green Box.” Today, Lowrance’s technology is still industry defining and state-of-the-art, and right where it needs to be for Midwest anglers.

Just ask the guys who make their living on the water, chasing after all manner of Midwest gamefish — from walleye and pike to bass and bluegill. They can’t afford not to catch fish, so they make sure they’ve got the right stuff when they’re on the water.

Fishing is the ultimate cause for optimism — the next outing, the next cast, the next bite. So, it only makes sense to talk with “The Next Bite” team about the tools and system that will take your fishing to the next level.

Gary Parsons, his son Chase, and the rest of “The Next Bite” television team have angling resumés that are second to none, especially in the Midwest. If it swims, they’ve caught it, and they’ve taught generations of aspiring anglers to do the same.

Their secret is that there are no secrets — just time on the water, passion, an understanding of the quarry and the right tools for the job. They know that finding fish is generally a far greater challenge than tempting them to bite, and that’s where the Lowrance ultimate fishing system comes in.

“Lowrance HDS Live units — in conjunction with the new Active Target transducers — literally allow us to keep track of fish wherever they venture to,” says Gary. “Active Target lets us scan shorelines, bridge pilings and even weeds to see exactly how many walleyes are congregating around each of those structures. With Active Target, blind casting is a thing of the past!”

And once you’ve found the fish, the Lowrance ultimate fishing system provides the tools to stay on them. Josh Douglas is a touring bass pro who knows the value of a top-notch trolling motor. It’s why he uses the Lowrance Ghost.

“The Ghost is brushless,” Douglas explains, “so it’s incredibly quiet. That’s vital when you’re targeting shallow fish that can be easily spooked by other motors.

“And when I’ve located the fish, the Ghost is just the tool to keep me on them,” the Mille Lacs guide says. “With the Anchor feature, I can hold my boat in position in wind or current. If I’m fishing for smallmouth, I know that if I’ve found one, I’ve probably found 10, and Anchor keeps me on them while Active Target lets me see them in real time. The full functionality of the Lowrance transducer on the Ghost is a big, big deal for me.”

Can it really be that easy? With Lowrance, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” That’s the way of Lowrance technology — the tools are not just better, but also simple to operate and intuitively easy to understand.

Great technology is never hard. That’s what makes it great.

If you’re an angler, the benefits of Lowrance technology are obvious: more fish, more productive days on the water, more tournament success, more lunkers.

If you’re a dealer, the benefits are just as real. They include more and happier customers having better days on the water, which means more days on the water and translates into more visits to your shop to buy more gear. A successful angler is your best customer, and Lowrance makes that happen … in the Midwest and everywhere else!

“Lowrance provides the Midwest angler with the ultimate fishing system,” says Chase Parsons. “HDS Live units have endless features and perfectly defined mapping and navigation with the C-MAP Reveal charts. Plus, the new Active Target transducers provide anglers with confidence in knowing exactly how many fish they’re on. Fish can’t hide anywhere anymore!”

Even suspended, open water fish can be found and caught.

“One of the lost arts of open water fishing is marking pods of suspended fish at higher speeds — up to 25mph,” notes Gary. “Lowrance 2D sonar technology in HDS Live units is still second to none and gives walleye anglers a huge advantage when it comes to finding the active pods of open water fish, which can easily move several miles each day.”

Combine Lowrance’s sonar technology with C-MAP Reveal and you have an unparalleled combination that can’t be beat by any other manufacturer and a fish-finding, pattern-making tool that will result in millions of fish catches.

“Any fish that relates to structure and cover can be patterned,” Chase says. “We often see walleyes relating to a specific depth range quite often on similar structures. With the use of Lowrance’s new C-MAP Reveal mapping charts, the fine details and contours show up perfectly, and with the depth shading features anglers have the ability to set a target depth, which will show up in the same color around the whole lake. It makes it easier than ever to put the puzzle together and truly takes the guess work out of where to look for more fish as you move from area to area!”

Take it from the best in the Midwest — the right tools make a difference, and Lowrance has the tools to take your fishing and your business to the next level.

Find out more at Lowrance.com.