Lowrance ActiveTarget: State of the Art That Benefits Your Bottom Line

There’s an old saying in the fishing tackle business: You can’t sell ‘em what they already have. It was true when someone first said it decades ago, and it’s true today. If you want to appeal to anglers, you need to offer them something they trust and something that promises future success.

With Lowrance’s new ActiveTarget Live Sonar System, you have both: Lowrance’s legendary name and reputation for electronics excellence that dates back more than 60 years to the “Little Green Box” plus the latest in fishing technology.

What is ActiveTarget?

Lowrance ActiveTarget is the new state-of-the-art sonar that shows an angler what’s happening in front of him (Forward), below him (Down) or anywhere he points the transducer on the foot of his trolling motor (Scout).

You could call it a “game changer.” It’s a term that’s been used by just about everyone who’s seen it, but we think it’s bigger than that. At Lowrance, we feel it’s an industry changer. The best anglers all over the country are raving about it.

Oklahoma’s Edwin Evers is a former Bassmaster Classic and MLF Redcrest champion. He says, “My biggest adjustment to ActiveTarget is forcing myself to wait until I feel the fish before I set the hook. I can watch a fish swim up to my lure and see it strike even before I feel it through the line and my rod. Getting that kind of real-time feedback is amazing!”

New Jersey’s Mike Iaconelli, a former Classic champ and Bassmaster Angler of the Year, notes “I’m excited that I can see a fish approach my lure even when it doesn’t bite. We never saw this before. Now I can try a different bait or color or retrieve and catch that fish I didn’t even know I missed!”

In California, former Classic winner and Bassmaster AOY Skeet Reese loves the instant feedback of ActiveTarget. “It doesn’t matter how fast I’m going or how fast I move the trolling motor. It’s instantaneous feedback of a true image of what’s going on under the surface — no guessing.”

In the bass belt of the Deep South, young gun and two-time Bassmaster Classic champ Jordan Lee knows that ActiveTarget will make him even more effective on the water. “It’s going to help me catch fish that I couldn’t have caught without it.”

And in Florida, where anglers fish water so shallow that many fail to see the need for the latest sonar, Shaw Grigsby offers another take: “Using the Forward setting, I can see the edges of submerged vegetation and even watch fish swim in and out of the cover. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in years.”

But all that’s only part of the story — a part that your customers will love to hear. The other part of the story is just for dealers. It’s about margins, displays, support and marketing. It’s all the ways that Lowrance wants to help you sell this latest and greatest technology so that it will ignite your customer base, get people out on the water and make them more successful, all while adding to your bottom line.

ActiveTarget brings top-of-the-line live sonar functionality to Lowrance’s high-resolution HDS LIVE Ultimate Fishing System, as well as HDS Carbon and Lowrance’s recently introduced Elite FS displays, providing ActiveTarget connectivity with a wider range of displays and pricing options.

ActiveTarget is a perfect complement for Lowrance Active Imaging 3-in-1 sonar, which includes extreme high-resolution SideScan and DownScan Imaging views for finding structure, and the superb target separation of Lowrance CHIRP Sonar.

It’s easy to install, easy to use, and priced to move — even with healthy margins. ActiveTarget Live Sonar, complete with black box module and transducer, retails at a gotta have it price of $1,499.99.

And with Lowrance’s aggressive and highly targeted marketing campaigns, trusted pro staff and tremendous word of mouth, you can bet that your customers will be asking for it.