New Livingston Electronic Baitfish Sounds MultiTouch Baits Arrive in Stores

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – As holiday shoppers scour electronics stores in search of the best deals on HD TVs, action cameras and computers, the biggest innovations of the season will be on tackle-store pegs as Livingston Lures’ Team Livingston line of baits featuring Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) MultiTouch Technology arrives.

Livingston Lures revolutionized the world of hard baits in 2004 with the introduction of the original EBS Technology and EBS-powered lures, which produced the sound of an actual baitfish in distress. No longer limited to BBs, beads and blades – longtime “noisemakers” utilized in bass baits – Livingston’s EBS baits incorporated an advanced circuit board and smart chip into each bait, introducing a new level of sophistication and fish-attracting power to the realm of hard baits.

EBS MultiTouch takes it even further, now allowing anglers to “program” the sounds their baits make, with four different settings that change the sounds emitted from EBS Original (gill plate compressions) to EBS™ Craw (snapping shellfish) to EBS™ Shad (panicked/fleeing shad) to a fourth “silent” or “stealth” setting with no baitfish sounds.

The “smart bait” is born. And it’ll soon be available at thousands of tackle retailers throughout the country.

“This is historic,” says Robert Castaneda, the creator of EBS MultiTouch and lead lure designer at Livingston. “Think about it for just a minute: this is a lure that you can switch sounds! It completely changes the way you approach a fishery, and provides the angler a level of experience that they’ve never enjoyed before. EBS MultiTouch is now allowing us to provide options that have frankly never existed before. It’s exciting. This technology’s time has come for the anglers of the world.”

Livingston EBS MultiTouch Technology Graphic

HOW EBS MULTITOUCH WORKS: The basic mechanics of EBS MultiTouch in the new Team Livingston baits are the same as original EBS: contact with the water closes an electronic circuit between the line tie, hook eyelet and sound-producing circuit board, quickly activating the bait. The Team Livingston baits allow the angler to change the sound emitted underwater by simply immersing the bait in water for 5 seconds to activate MultiTouch and then touching the line-tie and front-hook eyelets. Once the angler has the desired baitfish sound, he/she simply releases the contact points.

“It’s already been proven to us that sound technology is a game-changer, but adding additional sounds to the arsenal to make the bait even more natural to predator fish is an incredible benefit,” says 2014 Bassmaster Classic champ Randy Howell. “The ability to change sounds from a panicked shad to a crawfish without having to tie on another bait is really useful. You simply touch it, cycle through the sounds and cast. You’re right in the same school of fish, but with a different sound.”

THE TEAM LIVINGSTON LINEUP: EBS MultiTouch will be part of 13 new baits in the innovative Team Livingston line, which includes: the Howeller DMC Plus, the Howeller DMC Squarebill (SQ), the Howeller Deep, the Howeller Deep Plus, the PrimeTyme 1.5, & 2.0, the Primetyme 2.0 Squarebill (SC), the Jerkmaster 121, the Walk N Pop 77, the Walking Boss 1 and Walking Boss Part 2, the Deep Impact 18, and the School Master.

All Team Livingston baits come outfitted with premium Daiichi Death Grip hooks (4x strong, chemically sharpened), and premium black-nickel-plated, stainless-steel split rings.

“These baits are all phenomenal baits right out of the box in their design, actions and components,” Castaneda says. “We’ve worked on these baits for two years to perfect every little detail in their action and fishability, and to be able to incorporate our EBS™ micro-electronics into them without influencing the actions. And we got it right: The combinations of styles, actions, colors and EBS MultiTouch sounds gives anglers an unbelievably powerful set of tools unlike anything they’ve ever had before. As Randy says, it really changes the game.”

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