LIVETARGET Introduces New HFC (Hunt-for-Center) Crawfish Crankbait

LIVETARGET announces the addition of the new HFC Craw to its already robust lineup of crawfish hardbaits. HFC stands for “hunt for center,” which is an engineered feature of this bait series that causes the HFC Craw to not only erratically deviate from a straight line track during retrieve, but to also continuously self-correct itself to get back on “center.” The irregular swimming behavior looks very natural and, therefore, is a highly desirable trait for crankbaits.

This crawfish imitator stems from significant R&D, including in-the-field and design contributions from prostaff David Walker and Stephen Browning. With the HFC Craw’s aggressive tail-kick and unique hunt-for-center action, look for this bait to be especially effective for working the 7- to 8-feet depths when targeting big pre-spawn bass.

The HFC crankbait; fitted with premium hooks and hardware, weighs approximately 3/8 oz. and measures 2-inches (52mm) in length. The series consists of six LIVETARGET crawfish colors, including patterns specifically created by prostaff members. The colors are Phantom Green, Spring Craw, Root Beer, Chartreuse Root Beer, Copper Root Beer and Red.

According to longtime BASS pro David Walker, the size and colors make the HFC Craw an excellent choice for fishing in cold-water conditions and around rock cover. “This will be my go-to crankbait for cold water, pre-spawn fish, and especially when the water is clear. This lure has all the qualities to make it a spectacular producer,” Walker said.

LIVETARGET has been the leader in developing the most life-like crawfish lure imitations ever designed, with anatomical features and color schemes that match natural creations. With the introduction of the HFC Craw, LIVETARGET offers the finest lineup of premier crawfish crankbaits to match up to any water depth, color scheme and action.

The HFC Craw has a MSRP of $14.49 with availability expected in November of this year.