Live Eyewear Settles “Fitovers” Trademark Dispute

San Luis Obispo, CA – Lava Limited, Jonathan Paul Eyewear, and Live Eyewear are pleased to announce they have successfully resolved their pending trademark disputes. Effective immediately, retailers will be permitted to use “fitover,” “fit over,” or similar variations (e.g., fit-over, fits over) to describe their products.

Lava Limited and Jonathan Paul Eyewear have decided to release their trademark registrations incorporating the term “Fitovers.” The parties consider this matter resolved amicably in its entirety.

Live Eyewear is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California with sales offices throughout the world. The company’s renowned fitover sunglasses brand, Cocoons®, is recognized worldwide and is synonymous with comfort, convenience and quality. The Cocoons brand features polarized sunglasses, clip-ons and low vision aids specifically designed for those that wear corrective eyewear. For additional information on Live Eyewear’s OveRx® collections designed to fit over prescription eyewear, including Vistana® and LightGuard®, contact the company at 800.834.2563 or visit their website at