Lew’s Holdings Transitions to Rather Outdoors

Lexington, SC – Lew’s Holdings Corporation came to be in 2017 with the merger of two of the most iconic fishing brands in the U.S.; uniting the Lew’s and Strike King families. In 2019, the Lew’s Holdings portfolio grew again via the acquisition of Fox International and its family of renowned European brands, ushering the organization into a wider global marketplace. In an effort to present a globally united front for the family of brands, CEO Ken Eubanks is proud to announce for 2021 that the organization will transition from Lew’s Holdings Corporation to Rather Outdoors. “While we appreciate and want to continue to recognize the unique qualities of each of our storied brands, we also felt it important that we are represented to our industry partners and customers in the same manner in which we view ourselves, and that is as one family”, Eubanks said. The Rather Outdoors family of brands is proud of their individual histories and accomplishments, and excited about the future growth of the organization. While the name has changed, the combined dedication to providing anglers across the globe with innovative and reliable products remains a constant and focused priority for the Rather Outdoors family of brands.

About Rather Outdoors

Rather Outdoors is a global outdoors corporation uniting some of the most recognizable brands in the fishing space. With historic and iconic brands such as Lew’s, Strike King, Fox, Matrix, Salmo and Fox Rage, Rather Outdoors provides a wide assortment of fishing products worldwide in an effort to enhance angler’s success and the enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. To learn more about the Rather Outdoors brands, visit www.ratheroutdoors.com.