A Letter from the Editor: Apologies for the Recent Weirdness


As you likely noticed, our website was offline June 4th-6th. That means last week you didn’t receive your Top 5 Industry Headlines Newsletter. It also means we weren’t able to keep you in the know on all of the latest breaking news around the fishing industry last week. For that, please accept our sincerest apologies.

Now that we are back online, we’d like to explain the situation for you.

Unfortunately, FTR was the victim of an act of cyber vandalism on Tuesday evening. The attack was not directly targeted at FTR, but rather towards other news sites owned by our parent company that were housed on the same server. As a result, the structural integrity of FTR was not compromised. We were; however, taken offline.

The attack was noticed shortly after it initially occurred. However, a proper response (rallying the troops) and revue from FTR and our hosting company unfortunately resulted in several days of down time.

There are a few positives to take from this experience: it was, as they say, an inside job—not a hack. This was an instance of credential abuse. It was not an instance of somebody cracking a code to get in.

The parties involved are aware of the attacker’s identity and are responding accordingly.

Rest assured that sensitive information like FTR reader contact information was located on separate servers not connected to the one in question; servers in which the aggressor did not have access. That data was not breached. So you won’t be receiving any strange emails from FTR that don’t originate from us. Although we can’t guarantee that our writers won’t conjure up some strange things for you to read on their own.

So that’s where we are.

If you’re on our First to Know list, you may notice a few reposts of stories from last week as we get caught up on content. Otherwise, everything is back to business as usual here at Fishing Tackle Retailer. We look forward to bringing you the business news of the sportfishing industry once again, and thanks again for reading Fishing Tackle Retailer.