LensPen Introduces Invisible Carbon Compound

As the next major advance in the evolution of their expanding line, the LensPen® Group, of Vancouver, Canada, introduced LensPen Elite, featuring their new Invisible Carbon cleaning compound.

“We are a small Canadian company that pioneered a revolution in cleaning fingerprints on high quality camera lenses, binoculars and scopes,” said Peter Meurrens, vice president of operations for the LensPen Group. “No more messy tissues, cloths, sprays or liquids. The LensPen was born, and photographers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world were amazed to see dirty fingerprints removed quickly and easily in a few seconds.”

LensPen used something very dirty, a black carbon compound,  to make something very clean—a lens. Since the first LensPen was introduced more than 20 years ago, LensPen has partnered with the leading camera and optics manufacturers to produce private label LensPen products for Nikon, Leupold, Trijicon, the United States Marine Corps and many others.

“LensPen has become THE brand for cleaning fine optics,” Meurrens said. But that black carbon compound that cleans glass so well can leave a black mark on a finger or a case. The LensPen R&D team kept searching for ways to make lenses and touchscreens very clean with a clean product. “The Invisible Carbon compound in our new LensPen Elite line is a new revolution in cleaning fingerprints,” Meurrens said. “It features all the great performance of our original carbon compound, but with no black smudges on your fingers if you touch the cleaning pad.”

LensPen is expanding its product line to the IT market where tablets and smart phones are covered with fingerprint oil. It’s a logical step for the company that has pioneered easy to use glass cleaner.

For more information on LensPen, go to their website.