Learn the Box Step

Every so often you will encounter a customer who just isn’t ready to commit to buying that expensive new reel, rod, or piece of electronic equipment for their boat. You have answered every question they have and performed an excellent job in selling all the features of the equipment. Yet they still cannot commit to buying it or not.

When this occurs, pause for a moment and say “I’m going to go get one from our supply room new in the box for you, want me to meet you at the register?” Then turn and head for your stock room. This is the called the Box Step. At this point they will either say “YES” or “NO.” If they say no, go back to them and find out where the problem is occurring in the sale to keep them from purchasing. If needed after your second discussion go back to your box step, by then they should say yes and you can close your sale. If you get a second no, ask if they have any more questions about the product and step away. Let them know you will be over here if they need anything else or have further questions about the item. Rarely will you get the second no, but if you do assume the customer is not going to purchase the item now and move on to the next customer.