Learn Power Fishing at Shimano School

Shimano School returns on Tuesday, September 28, with another informative and entertaining event. JP DeRose hosts these live-streaming video seminars, featuring compelling topics and special guests from across the spectrum of the fishing world.

Shimano School meets every two weeks and streams live on the Shimano Facebook Page and the Shimano North America’s YouTube Channel.

David Walker headlines this edition of Shimano School to discuss power fishing for bass. A well-established tournament veteran with experience on all of the major circuits, Walker has amassed over $2 million in winnings during a career that has spanned more than two decades. Walker, a shallow water largemouth specialist, currently competes on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour.

No matter where you fish, covering water to find active biters is essential for success. In this edition of Shimano School, Walker will be detailing one of his favorite ways to quickly locate and trigger the fish he needs to put trophies on the shelf: power fishing. Fishing with larger lures, delivered on long casts and fished through heavy cover requires specialized equipment, and Walker will describe the G. Loomis rods and Shimano reels that he relies on while power fishing in competitive situations. This is a Shimano School that every bass angler will appreciate.

We invite viewers to post questions to the Facebook and YouTube live streams, while Walker and DeRose provide the answers needed to help viewers hone their power fishing presentations. Shimano School is in session starting at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, September 28.

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