Leader in speed, power and lightness brandish the Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite

MINNETONKA, Minn. — Unwaveringly, StrikeMaster holds to the three pillars of building a premium auger. To pass inspection, and receive the StrikeMaster seal, a new product needs to be the fastest in its class; most powerful in its class; and the lightest in its class. The new Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite passed with flying colors, 4.0 grade point average and free trip to Disneyworld.

By and large, hand-augers have been getting worse by the year. More junk shipped in from overseas. Super inexpensive, yes, but you get what you pay for – and that means a clunky hunk of scrap metal that’s like grinding coffee with a rusty jackknife. StrikeMaster, on the other hand, continues to elevate its selection of hand-augers. Why? Because there are throngs of studious and stealthy ice anglers who travel light and punch holes with precision.

The linchpin of the Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite is the synthetic flight and blade carriage. Where the average auger churns with metal, this first-of-its-kind auger swirls with a special lightweight but extremely durable synthetic composite.

Cushioned, ergonomically engineered handles welcome a sturdy and adjustable metal shaft (48- to 57inches) that unites with the precision flight and blade carriage. And that’s where StrikeMaster sits atop the iceberg, again – the blades. The Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite boasts chrome-alloy stainless steel Mora™ Lazer™ blades that put the final touch on the finest hand-cutlery made.

StrikeMaster diehard Tom Neustrom – the brand’s longest tenured pro – hasn’t blinked since touching the tool. “No way, an upgrade for us first-icers, and anglers where they never stare down a foot of ice?” quizzed Neustrom. “So let me get this straight. I keep the speed and durability of my current arsenal of Lazers, and now go lighter? That gets me praying for first ice, like today.”

The Lazer™ Synthetic Ultra-Lite comes in both 4- and 6.5-inch cutting diameters. And wait till you catch these weights… The 4-inch version pushes the scale to a mere 4.5-lbs. Go wider to 6-inches of hole coverage, and the needle only moves to 5-lbs. That, and both models break down into two pieces for storage and even stealthier transport.

StrikeMaster is dedicated to countering the “race of disgrace” to build the cheapest hand-auger. Rather, the company that’s been focused on performance and quality for 67 years will continue drilling cleaner and faster.