Larew’s Rattlin’ Crawler Makes Noise in Fall Bass Fishing

TULSA, Okla. Gene Larew Lures’ new Rattlin’ Crawler, with a glass rattle inside, has quietly made a loud entry into the bass fishing scene in short order.

The Rattlin’ Crawler is a 4.25-inch low-profile bait with a hollow body chamber, exaggerated arm angles and oversized paddles. A quality 7-millimeter glass rattle, 9/16 inch in length and with a single large ball, is made in America exclusively for Larew and comes already inserted into each bait. The rattle’s loudness is amplified by being in the hollow body cavity.

After only a few weeks on the market, the new soft plastic lure that looks part crawdad and part creature bait is already responsible for numerous tournament wins and big fish catches.

During the recent B.A.S.S. Central Division Open on Oklahoma’s Ft. Gibson Lake, co-angler Clayton Coppin weighed a 6-pound, 10-ouncer, the largest bass of the tournament, and caught it on the Rattlin’ Crawler in blackberry/sapphire color, finishing in second place.

Alabama guide and tournament angler Lee Pitts had a top-10 finish during the Bassmaster Weekend Series event on Lake Guntersville in late August, including a 6.15-pounder, catching his fish by punching through grass mats with the Rattlin’ Crawler as his bait.

Lady angler Kathy Ballard, known by many fisherman across the country through her longtime association with Brannan’s Bass Shop in Powderly, Texas, won the Hooked on Hope tournament on Texas’ Pat Mayse Lake, fishing with her husband Jimmy and using the Rattlin’ Crawler on a Carolina rig.

“We’ve been using this bait ever since we got our first order in at the shop and have been catching lots of fish on it, including several in the 5- to 7-pound range. The Crawler accounted for our win in the recent championship. It’s no longer a secret bait around here,” Ballard said.

Larew officials say that as a result of the successes, the word is out about the new lure.

“To be behind on production of a bass bait this time of year is a sure sign a new lure is a hit,” said Larew’s George Toalson. “With many tournament championships taking place right now and news of the Crawler doing so well, anglers are scurrying to find the bait, while we’re doing our best to keep them going out the door during the early phase of distributing a new product.”

Toalson was involved in the design of the Rattlin’ Crawler and says it was made with versatility in mind.

“We designed this bait so it could be fished every way imaginable, from rigging it on a Biffle HardHead to using it as a jig trailer. I personally think it is so effective because you can’t fish it wrong,” Toalson said. “With most soft plastics, the angler has to give the bait its action. When you put the Crawler in the water, it starts kicking immediately and that causes the rattle to start doing its thing. It looks natural and makes noise, so it is a fish catcher.”

The Rattlin’ Crawler is available in 10 colors and comes packaged six baits per re-sealable bag. A bag retails for around $6.99.

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