Larew’s Biffle and Murray display power and finesse at ICAST

LAS VEGAS – Legendary bass professionals Tommy Biffle and John Murray are both in attendance at the Gene Larew Lures booth at ICAST today to help introduce new items that they have designed individually to fit their own preferred styles of fishing.

Murray, from Arizona, has won just about every imaginable title in the west, and most of them coming from his prowess with finesse worms. In his new relationship with Larew, that’s exactly what Murray has designed – the 6″ TattleTail Technique Worm.

The TattleTail worm has a traditional round worm body but with a flat underside, and then strategically thins to a tapering tail. At the tip of the tail is a tiny paddle foot. The wispy tail and weight of the foot keeps the bait moving even when the angler does nothing. When the worm is moved, the paddle foot affords a tight swimming movement that delivers a quivering-type action that reverberates throughout the body. Murray designed the TattleTail specifically with drop shotting in mind, but says it has the versatility to adapt to fit a wide variety of finesse worming techniques from shaky head to split shot rigs.

The TattleTail worm is available in 12 colors that Murray handpicked to cover a variety of water conditions from gin clear to muddy. Among the color mix are solids, laminates and head/tail combinations. A package of 10 worms will retail for around $4.99.


Biffle, from Oklahoma, has 7 B.A.S.S. wins and 18 Bassmaster Classic appearances over his illustrious career. Three of those wins have been since 2010; the most recent was last month in Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. All three have come almost exclusively with Biffle cranking his namesake Larew Biffle Bug and HardHead combination.

Larew’s new 5″ Biffle Big Bug rigged on a new 1-ounce size Biffle HardHead make a deadly combo for summer bass fishing. (Click photo to view/download hi-res version) At ICAST, Biffle is showing off the new and largest version of Biffle Bug, a 5-inch model that features the same family traits of hollow body, cupped tail and swimming legs that can be left on or pinched off.

Biffle Big Bug

Joining that introduction is also the biggest yet in HardHeads, a 1-ounce size rigged with an Owner 6/0 Wide Gap Plus hook. The football-shaped head has the hook loosely attached on a wire loop so it can swing freely, essentially making the bug and head combo a soft-plastic crankbait to be fished along the bottom.

A package of the two big HardHeads will retail for around $7, while a package of six Big Bugs will sell for about $6.49.