Lake Country Wildlife Décor Fish Replicas

HAWICK, MINNESOTA- For the very first time a limited selection of trophy fish replicas are being made availa- ble to the Sporting Goods Industry by the Taxidermy Industry’s premier manufacturer and supplier of fresh water fish replicas. Three popular sizes of each of the twenty most popular sport species of North America have been selected for this exclusive line of fish replicas.

Using the most modern technology and materials of today and painted by some of the best and most experienced fish painters in the world, these replicas will make you believe you are looking at real fish. All of these select spec- imens are attractively mounted on either driftwood or wall and table habitat scenes meant to enhance the beauty of their surroundings.

Not only will these items provide wonderful décor for any Sporting Goods Store, but more importantly they are priced to be sold to your customers at a great profit. Now they can get that reminder of a great memory that they have always wanted right from you on the spot.

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