Knot2Kinky Adds 7-Strand to its Leader Lineup

Ponte Verde, FL (Sept. 14, 2012) Knot2Kinky has extended many lives. The miraculous titanium leader material has brought boatside fish that, theoretically, according to the natural order of things, should have been lost. 30-pound muskellunge strips 8-lb monofilament and the battle should be nada straight out of the gate. Yet, Knot2Kinky leader material refracts the crushing jawbones and lets lighter lines prevail. Same thing when a mischievous bull shark disrupts a tuna spread and incisors partner with canines to make the angler say “Uncle.” Not so much with Knot2Kinky calling the shots…

Now envision seven shipshape strands of Knot2Kinky embraced in a coil to collectively dismiss the havoc of freshwater and saltwater mandibles alike? Aquateko has twisted seven strands of wickedness to engender Knot2Kinky 7-Strand, a fierce leader that’ll soon claim the moniker of ‘7 strand,’ which is currently a commodity shared by numbers of leader makers.

The 7-Strand process involves twisting seven individual Knot2Kinky titanium filaments into an uncompromising braid. Knot2Kinky is the best leader material on the market, so there’s no reason to expect anything less from Knot2Kinky 7-Strand – won’t cut, kink or coil.

Hitting the lakes and seas in 10-foot lengths, Knot2Kinky 7-Strand comes packaged in 4 fundamental weights, ranging from 6-lb to 20-lb. But hold the phone and seal thy lips. Expectations are that 30-, 50-, 75-, and 100-lb monster-mashes will be available soon.