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Ken Duke’s List of Curiosities and Weird Things

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HOUSTON, Texas— How did Rick Clunn break the BASS land speed record at Lake Guntersville? Who did Hank Parker borrow a rod from just to fish? Why did Aaron Martens leave his crankbaits at the dock? These are then questions that demand answers before the first weigh-in of the 47th Annual Bassmaster Classic takes place this week in Houston

On the third and final installment of FTR’s Bassmaster Classic podcast series, Ken Duke and Joe Sills wax poetic on some of the behind-the-scenes stories that many people might not know about fishing’s grandest event. “In 1979 when this tournament was on Lake Texoma,” Duke says, “Guys were limited to 10 pounds of tackle and it all had to fit in one big, tackle box like a Plano 747. If you put your tackle box on the scale and it weighed too much, BASS Founder Ray Scott and BASS Tournament Director Harold Sharp would throw stuff out of your tackle box until it got down to 10 pounds. So that’s exactly what happened to Hank Parker.”

While you wait on results to come in from the field, take a few minutes to soak in some of the events’ most peculiar history —like the solution to Parker’s dilemma— courtesy of Ken Duke’s List of Curiosities and Weird Things about the Bassmaster Classic. Like what you heard? Share your Bassmaster Classic stories below.