Keeping Your Essential Gear Safe & Dry

Everyone knows water is essential for life on earth, but it’s possible that nobody feels this more acutely than those who spend their lives in, on, and around it—the anglers. While the importance of water to an angler’s lifestyle and livelihood can’t be overstated, it’s also true that water can be a real pain, often destroying a lot of the necessary gear we need to chase that fishing life. Water damage—and its dastardly offspring Rust—ruins expensive lures and baits, tools, electronics, and more, costing the average angler hundreds of dollars in new equipment every year.

Many anglers have accepted these gear casualties and recurring expenses as part of life on the water, and willingly spend money (over and over again) on ineffective storage solutions like flimsy tackle boxes, fabric tool bags, and even plastic zip-top bags—none of which are designed to survive long in wet conditions. But what if there was a better way to protect your gear from the get-go, extend its life, and save you tons of money in the long term? The good folks at SKB cases have the answer to all those problems: iSeries Dry Boxes.

All SKB iSeries cases are completely waterproof and feature military-grade construction designed to survive the most demanding environments. They come standard with a lifetime warranty (if it breaks, SKB will replace it for life) and if they fall in the water, they float for easy retrieval. We’ve put together a list of our favorite, angler-friendly sizes and suggested applications below.


This small case is the perfect size for carrying your phone, wallet, identification, insurance paperwork, and more. Measuring 7.5” x 5” x 3.25”, it fits easily into a glove box and helps protect your important stuff as you travel to and from your vehicle and boat, and keeps everything dry when you’re on the water.


Measuring 10.75” x 6.13” x 3.25”, this iSeries size makes a great general purpose dry box that can hold glasses, sunscreen, attractant, etc. It’s also a popular size for outdoor enthusiasts to hold ammo and other hunting supplies. And with built-in padlock loops (all iSeries cases have at least two), it’s easy to keep expensive or sensitive gear secured.


This 16” x 10” x 10” case has a traditional tackle box shape (with a handy top handle) and is a great option for carrying essential boating tools, first aid items, and even kitchen/cooking utensils and camp supplies! Its waterproof seal helps protect food items from bugs and moisture.


Featuring a perforated pull-and-pluck foam interior, this case is the ideal utility size for fish finders and their accessories, and other electronics. This one measures 18.5” x 13” x 4.75”, but SKB has five sizes it recommends for fish finders that range from 10.75” to 18.5” in total length.


This is SKB’s most popular size, measuring 20.375” x 11.5” x 7”. Not only does it feature wheels and a handy pull handle for convenient transport, it’s also the biggest iSeries size that’s approved for airline carry-on—so if you’re traveling by air to your favorite fishing spot, you can use this case to carry your clothes and tackle gear onto the plane.

With more than 65 sizes, and featuring many standard interiors including empty and foamed options, SKB iSeries cases provide a lifetime of protection for pretty much any type of gear that helps you enjoy the outdoors—the possibilities are virtually endless! To see the complete lineup of SKB iSeries sizes and options, as well as SKB’s wide range of products for hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures, visit SKB’s website at