Kavajecz, Parsons Team with MotorGuide on New Xi5 Trolling Motor

The Next Bite crew has always been known as anglers that embrace and even help adapt technologies to help all anglers catch more fish. Over the past several months, working with the engineers at MotorGuide, Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz, along with Chase Parsons, have been working to test and fine-tune what promises to be one of the most innovative trolling motors to hit the water. MotorGuide’ s Xi5 marks a key milestone in the company’s history. It is the culmination of a renewed focus and significant R&D investment to design, engineer and manufacture best-in class trolling motors.

“I really think MotorGuide has hit a homerun with this motor,” says TNB staffer Keith Kavajecz, “The GPS accuracy of the Xi5 will set new standards in the industry, and allows anglers to do things like precisely repeat productive trolling routes, and the motor’s operation is the smoothest and most quiet I’ve ever used.” Chase Parsons adds, “The market has been looking for a rugged and dependable wireless trolling for a long time and I truly believe the Xi5 delivers on all levels.”

“From the beginning MotorGuide set out with some specific goals in mind for the Xi5,” explains Gary Parsons, “They wanted super-accurate GPS capability, ultra smooth turning, extremely quiet operation and reliable durability. We were invited to be in on this project from the very beginning and it has been exciting to see this motor develop. I’m very excited about what this motor is going to do for fishing, and walleye fishing in particular.”

The Xi5 is slated for release in the fall of 2013. To learn more visit motorguide.com.