KastKing Enters Sports Sunglasses Market

Garden City, Long Island, NY –  KastKing®, a division of  Eposeidon, Inc. in Garden City, NY, has expanded the brand to include high performance sports eyewear. KastKing® FeatherLite Sports Sunglasses are polarized, block UVA and UVB rays, and include unbreakable frames.

Four KastKing® FeatherLite eyewear models have been initially introduced: Coso, Pioneer, Gallatin, and Sawatch, which are available in various frame and lens color configurations.  They were named after beautiful yet indestructible US mountain ranges.

KastKing® FeatherLite Sports Sunglasses feature shatterproof, polarized UV eye protection PC (Polycarbonate) lenses, the same material as racecar helmet and motorcycle safety visors and meet the FDA’s 21CFR801.410 safety rating. While providing 99% polarization efficiency that block UV and HEV light, the KastKing lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than other lenses and coated to provide 100-percent eye protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

KastKing®  FeatherLite Sunglasses have notable light weight and high strength.  Coso has five interchangeable lenses in various colors and the Gallatin model weighs only a half-ounce.  All models have 100% Revo LMS technology coated lenses that selectively manage and filter all light in the color spectrum, with emphasis on blue light/ HEV light. KastKing lenses made in Italy are hard coated to resist scratching. They are hydrophobic, which allows mist and water to roll off and not impede vision.

KastKing FeatherLite Sports Sunglasses have TR90 frames. TR90, a formula developed in Switzerland, are so light and strong they are often referred to as “plastic titanium”. They create exceptionally lightweight eyewear for comfort and are unbreakable for safety and long life. KastKing® Sports Sunglasses are imprinted with the KastKing brand and include a quality carrying case and lens cloth. 

“We created the KastKing® eyewear department to support the KastKing® brand, which is our fishing tackle division. Fishing and sunglasses go together. The public should not be confused by the low price of these sunglasses. The quality is exceptional.  We used the same factory direct business model as our other KastKing® products to deliver quality, reliable products at prices that average folks can afford. There is no longer any need to spend hundreds of dollars on fine sports eyewear. These can compete with any brand,” says Eposeidon marketing director, Tom Gahan.  “At this level of high quality KastKing® will offer the most attractive pricing for eyewear.”

Coso, Pioneer, Gallatin, and Sawatch will all have an MSRP below $35 USD. KastKing will deeply discount all models at www.amazon.com/kastking  below the MSRP for their Father’s Day weekend pre-release sale and during the introduction period. 

KastKing® will submit all of its eyewear products at the ICAST (International Convention of Sportsfishing Trades) New Product Showcase in Orlando July 13 -15th.