Johnny Morris Discovered a Secret Underground Cave (again)

Branson, Mo.— Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris has discovered a secret, underground cave system beneath an Ozark mountains golf course. Yes, that’s real.

According to a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Morris ordered an excavation of a large, 70-foot wide sinkhole that appeared at the Top of the Rock Golf Course near Table Rock Lake in 2014. According to the report, Morris was advised by golf course officials to fill the hole, but insisted on excavating. The results revealed a labyrinth of limestone rock formations 100-feet deep that are still being excavated. But this latest find isn’t the tackle store magnate’s first underground find: in 1993, he was credited with discovering an unknown cave system near Branson’s Silver Dollar City theme park.

Some guys have all the luck.

Morris is a known geology enthusiast, telling reporters that every dime spent excavating at Table Rock has been well worth it. “Whether it’s just like a foxhole thing you have to crawl in or whether there’s big caverns, that’s the mystery,” he said, “and that’s the exciting part of all of this.”

Check out this Daily Mail article for more images of the cave system at Top of the Rock Golf Course.

No word on whether or not Morris plans to open an underground Bass Pro Shops at the location.

Bass Pro Shops is rumored to be close to acquiring fellow outdoor mega-retailer Cabela’s in what would be one of the largest outdoor retailer shakeups of all time. FTR will endeavor to keep you updated on future Johnny Morris spelunking expeditions as they develop.