JL Marine Power-Pole Offers Green Option for Dealers

At JL Marine Systems, Inc. we’ve always been concerned about the environment. That’s why Power-Pole anchors are designed to be kind to lake and river bed grasses and other delicate ecosystems. We developed Green Marine hydraulic fluid to be safe for fish and the environment should it come in contact with the water.

Now we’re going even greener in the way we do business. We’re committed to an 80% recycling goal of our corporate office waste. And we’re asking our dealers to help us go even greener by teaming up with us as we go paperless. Our new process will deliver order confirmations, shipment confirmations and packing lists electronically. A packing list label, on the box, will replace the printed and pouched packing list. By eliminating printed packing lists we can reduce our paper use by 48,000 sheets per year which equates to almost 600 trees over the next 10 years. And every outdoorsman can appreciate that.

We encourage our dealers to become a Green Partner by joining our paperless program beginning January 2013. For more information contact Lenny Gurvich, Lenny@power-pole.com.