Jeremy Wade Just Did an Awesome Reddit AMA

Last week, River Monsters host and self-described “angling investigator” Jeremy Wade sat down for a Reddit AMA, and the results were incredible.

Reddit AMA’s are discussions hosted by the popular social media site that allow verified celebrity users to interact with fans. In Wade’s post, “I am (the real) Jeremy Wade, host of RIVER MONSTERS. Ask me anything,” the Animal Planet star answers questions from fans and anglers about the show and fishing in general.

Wade with a Goliath Tigerfish

From starting the show in his brother’s shed to lightning strikes and drunken fights, Wade does a fantastic job of putting readers in the moment. The story of how he first learned to fish—and why he practices catch and release— is as powerful as the fearsome fish he pulls from the depths every Sunday on Animal Planet:

“Nobody in my family fished. But I had one friend at primary school who showed me some of the basics, and then when I grew up, the local expert was the local cobbler, the shoe repairer. And what was interesting and maybe significant was that this guy, he was a deaf mute, he didn’t speak and he couldn’t hear. And maybe that was why he was particularly tuned into fish. So yes, catch and release is very important, along with proper handling of fish while they are out of the water. And as you say, keeping the environment clean. Fisherman who leave garbage around on the water are a disgrace, they should not do that because fishing is not just about the fish, it’s about preserving the environment. Leaving garbage is anathema to true fishing.”

After his experience with the cobbler, Wade would grow up to be one of the world’s most well-known anglers and an advocate for fishery conservation. The full thread is really worth a read. It contains several dozen responses, and Wade tends to go quite in-depth—one huge benefit of Reddit’s format for the seasoned print journalist. FTR has compiled a short list of some of our favorite questions and answers:






Needless to say, those are not your average fishing tales.