Jackson Kayak Ships the Flex Drive-E Motor

SPARTA, Tenn. — Jackson Kayak has announced the release of the long awaited Flex Drive – E motor for their one-of-a-kind, innovative Flex Drive System. Pedal, Paddle and now Power is fully available for your Flex Drive System.

The Flex Drive – E is an electric drive that swaps out with your pedal drive in seconds to offer an effortless powered option to your Jackson Kayak. Compact, water resistant, marine ready and maintenance free. Powered by your choice of either Deep Cycle or Lithium battery power.

“With the addition of the new Flex Drive-e you can finally reach the full potential of the our FD system” explains Jackson Kayak Fishing’s Jameson Redding.

“We have been working tirelessly on making sure that this drive was compatible with all sorts of power sources, gave us the performance we expect from a Jackson product and thoroughly tested it with all our FD boats,” explains Jackson Marketing VP James McBeath, “this will a monumental step in kayak fishing.”

About the Flex Drive – E

  • Compact and easily installed.

  • Stores easily in the hatch of your kayak

  • Weighing in at less than 8 pounds

  • Comes with cables and prop for inexpensive Deep Cycle Battery option

  • Injection molded- marine ready case

  • Forward and reverse!

  • Top speed of 5 mph

  • Range up to 41 miles

  • Full-throttle run time of 1.5 hours

  • Power Source: 12V or 24V Lithium or Deep Cycle

  • MSRP $799