Is It Time For A Trip To The Beauty Salon?

Okay, Robbie, you are seemingly a fairly nice guy, but what in the world are you talking about . . . beauty salon?

It happens every day; it’s no big deal. Hundreds of times a day, both men and women go into the salon to have their hair cut, styled, curled, tinted, twisted, shined up or otherwise make them look more handsome or beautiful. Many walk in looking tired, bland, undistinguishable, or otherwise ordinary but emerge bright as a penny and as good as gold!

And how about your appearance? I’m talking about the looks of your store of course. Exactly what kind of impression does your store emanate to the consumer upon entering? Are they impressed, bored, unaware, or interested and motivated to explore all that the store has to offer, inclusive of new product arrivals, specials, and promotions?

The motivation of customers to purchase is partly driven by what you put on the shelves and racks along with how and were these products are displayed and the frequency the merchandise is moved around. In retailing, movement begets sales while static placement inhibits sales.

Every retailer, irrespective of your product mix, should take the time to objectively evaluate your store with the intension of honestly asking “is it time to make a trip to the beauty salon for a makeover?” If your operation today looks pretty much like it did six months ago, then you are well past due for a “redo.”

When I use the term “redo,” I refer to both the product mix, merchandising/displays, signage, in store placement of product classifications along with retraining of store staff regarding customer contact, communication and display maintenance. Candidly, if a woman can visit the salon looking somewhat “plain Jane” and emerge looking virtually stunning, then so should your store undergo such a transformation!

You are in the business of selling fishing equipment, sporting goods, and related merchandise. The difference between you and all the other competitors is largely pricing and appearance. Your store needs to look great, inviting and loaded with tackle bargains and necessities. The same is true for your website . . . again placement, content, and pricing.

Yes, more than likely you are overdue for the theoretical trip to the hair salon. Stand back and put on your reality spectacles and ask yourself “is this as good as I can be?” The answer will always be, “no I can do better” regardless of how hard or often you try. Unequivocally, doing better is much like frying bacon, you can always return the bacon to the fry pan and still get a little more oil out of strips.

Both men and women routinely return to the salon with the specific intension of improving their appearance. Candidly, those who look better will feel better and the results of most of their endeavors will be enhanced.

Keep this in mind when you objectively look at your store. Ask yourself “is this the best the store can look?” If you answer your question objectively, you will say “no, I can do and look better.” It’s probably now time for you to book a salon appointment!