Introducing the all new Yo-Zuri Sashimi Craw with the patented Sashimi Color-Change Technology and Wave-Motion Vibration.

Yo-Zuri has created the ultimate crayfish lure. The Sashimi Craw is offered with Yo-Zuri’s exclusive patented Sashimi Color-Change Technology and Wave-Motion Vibration.

The articulated body has lifelike action. The Sashimi Craw sinks slowly like an alert crayfish, then stands in fighting position when at rest on the bottom. When retrieving, it swims away naturally like a retreating crayfish. The internal rattles imitate Crayfish “Clacking” their Claws together.

The Sashimi Craw is extremely versatile can be fished as a Jig or a Crankbait. It has sturdy double hooks for proper hooking angle for jigging or swimming.

Along with its Healthy Craw size, its realistic features; Eyes, Claws, Antenna, Legs, Egg Sac, Natural Tail and color patterns attract Big Bass.

The Yo-Zuri Craw has two International Patents. The first patent is the Wave-Motion Technology – Sashimi lures have a patented ribbed surface that creates distinctive Wave-Motion Vibrations which fish can detect with their lateral lines from long distances and in murky water conditions. Big fish hone in the Wave-Motion Vibration. The second patent is the Sashimi Color-Change Technology – this enables the lure to change colors every time it moves. Each lure has two distinct color & patterns incorportated into them for a lifelike natural appeal. When it swims by a predator, it changes color just like a panic-stricken baitfish enducing strikes.

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