3700 Guide Series™ Tackle Bag

Insurance That Fishing Doesn’t Turn Into Work

Plano, IL. – Life is a workstation. The world is laid out before you and it’s how you manipulate the components that governs success or failure. But what separates the fluid movers and shakers from babes bumbling in the woods is organization. Successful individuals organize and manage life’s bits and pieces, keeping factors and faces compartmentalized and within reach. The other guys? Well, their days on earth can be disjointed and unfulfilling.

On a much lesser level, but significant to sporting types nonetheless, is maintaining control and organization of one’s gear. In fishing, that means isolating tackle by species, technique, season and lure size. Since tackle first went in boxes, Plano has given anglers the organizational tools to manage perhaps the most diverse and potentially chaotic collection of things – fishing lures.

Guide Series™ Tackle Bag

For 2014, improving upon the improved, Plano brings the intuitively reengineered Guide Series™ Tackle Bag collection. For years now, the celebrated Guide Series has yielded the utmost in tackle storage solutions. But unwavering in its pursuit of perfection, Plano has implemented a game-changing feature: a work surface.

Instead of being just the top tray, the new Guide Series tackle bags provide a workbench surface to individualize the way you fish. A StowAway tackle box rests in an accessible, molded depression on the top while five additional boxes stand at the ready inside. File through the top box and don’t find what conditions call for? Simply swap it out with another StowAway and the workstation has been remodeled for another style of fishing.

Tackle storage visionary Tom Neustrom gives the new design his respected seal of approval. “It’s awesome. The top of the bag has been converted into the workingman’s platform. I can study jig sizes and colors for walleyes, and by just swapping a StowAway, be instantly re-rigging for crappies. Now that’s versatile and organized.”

 Guide Series Tackle Bag

The Guide Series Tackle Bags are fraught with other features, too. A molded impact-resistant waterproof base makes the Guide Series as rugged as it is ingenious. The outside features two padded pockets for sunglasses, a smartphone, and other valuables; cavernous easy-access compartments flank its sides; and a clear zippered pocket under the top cover is ideal for maps and that often misplaced fishing license.

The host of amenities continues with an all-purpose PVC mesh pocket on the back and specialty pliers’ pockets and wallet sleeve.

Available in four sizes, the Guide Series model (blank)measures 20”L x 13”W x 11.5”H and comes with six 3600 Series ProLatch™ StowAway® boxes; the 3700 model also comes with six Series ProLatch™ StowAway® boxes and measures 20”L x 13”W x 11.5”H. Next in line, the 3600 spans 17”L x 10.25”W x 10.25”H and is packaged with the same 3600 StowAways. The smallest, the 3500 includes five 3500 Series ProLatch™ StowAway® boxes and measures 12”L x 6.5”W x 7”H.

Work is less work if you work from an organized workstation. And that makes fishing more fun.