Is Instagram Burning to the Ground?

“Instagram today is an endless sea of meaningless posts asking you to turn on notifications for each account you follow.”- Tech Crunch.

The panic has set in. Instagram is going down in flames. Just when businesses were starting to climb the IG mountain, it’s suddenly time to run for the hills—or is it?

I say, nay. It’s not time to abandon Instagram. Poll a random crowd at any restaurant or bar, ask them what their favorite social media platform is. Millennials cringe at Facebook. Boomers and Xers throw shade at Snapchat. But, in general, people seem to enjoy Instagram. Its formula is simple: users post pictures, people who follow those users like those pictures, sometimes they comment on them. It’s a generally even balance, but as its popularity has risen (and as it’s been acquired by the evil empire of Facebook), Instagram has started to change.

Eventually, it will officially become “un cool,” but that moment hasn’t arrived yet—not even with the recent announcement that its once chronological-based timeline has been replaced with a (“Gasp”) algorithm.

It’s that algorithm that has turned IG into a flaming cesspool of posts like this:

So what’s the deal? As more and more users saturate Instagram with photos, app makers say they need to be filtered. Instagram wants to put the best photos at the top of people’s feeds. That means photos that nobody wants to see simply won’t be seen.

How the app’s magical robots will determine which photos are and are not worthy of pole position remains to be seen. It’s likely that Instagram will keep its algorithms a secret, as Facebook and Google have done. That means companies and personal brands will need to compete even harder or spend more money on sponsored posts to make sure their photos get seen by their fans. No, it isn’t “fair,” but this is the marketplace — not your 8-year old’s soccer game.

Is there an impact on the fishing industry?

Yeah. Absolutely. Not only do a ton of professional anglers, guides and tackle stores make use of Instagram for self promotion, but the app has also made its way into the hands of manufacturers, marketing agencies and media members. It’s been, for a couple of years now, the “cool” kids playground. But that’s the thing about playgrounds…the more cool kids there are, the less cool they become. So now we’ve arrived at the reckoning: tiny computer codes that will scurry around our personal photos and product posts to determine who is and is not worthy of another set of eyes.

How do you compete? Time will tell, but it’s a safe bet that you can start by creating beautiful imagery and toning down the memes and branding. That’s the kind of low-lying trash that burns up first in a fire.