IceMule Leakproof Soft Cooler

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — Outdoor recreation is growing in popularity with nearly 140 million people making it a part of their lives. The IceMule Cooler is the world’s most portable high-performance cooler. By combining the portability of a backpack with the performance of a hard cooler. It keeps ice intact for up to 24 hours. It rolls up for storage in its own stuff sack. And it even floats (which is important for boaters).

The IceMule’s patented design includes:

  • Welded Seams so the cooler can carry real ice without leaking, even when turned upside down.
  • Double-layered shell What differentiates the IceMule from dry bags (which paddlers use to keep their gear dry). It creates an incredibly well insulated dry bag cooler.
  • Watertight roll-top closure and side release buckle: Ensures that the IceMule is easily accessible.
  • Padded back strap: Makes it highly portable.
  • IceMule air valve: Compresses and rolls up for easy storage.

For the past three years IceMule, has successfully been selling its initial product, the IceMule CLASSIC Cooler, online through the company website at IceMule is looking to raise funds on Kickstarter with plants to expand the line to 3 distinct products: the IceMule Classic, the IceMule Pro and the IceMule Pro Catch.

“Coolers have become commoditized and there has been very little serious innovation taking place – especially in the soft-cooler arena. But, based on consumer reaction so far, we know that there is a huge market requirement for portable coolers that actually work as well as hard coolers, that’s why we’re so excited to take our launch to the next level,” says James Collie, founder and CEO of IceMule Cooler.

THE IceMule CLASSIC Cooler is a highly versatile cooler that has formed the core of the company’s success so far. It’s the perfect everyday cooler for hikes, visits to the beach, lunch, boat trips, family outings and picnics. It is even tall enough to chill that special bottle of wine for a romantic vino and cheese date in the park. Or if tailgating and Nascar are your game, the size of the Classic could be right up your alley. It incorporates a soft material that allows the unit to be folded down and stored underneath seats, making it the perfect cooler for concerts or sporting events.

THE IceMule PRO Cooler is a completely new line that is designed to meet the demands of more extreme adventures. It is ruggedly tough, as comfortable to carry as technical backpacks and large enough to store all the necessities for a weekend hike into the backcountry. It is the world’s most portable, high-capacity, high-performance cooler and features an ergo design with ventilated back straps and pads for comfort. The Pro is designed for people who embark on longer hiking treks and who need to transport beverages and supplies over long distances while retaining their freshness and temperature. It incorporates a military-grade design that meets all the demands of longer hikes and multi-day events.

THE IceMule PRO CATCH Cooler is specifically designed to meet the needs of kayak fishing, paddleboard fishing and fishing fans. This cooler’s very technical design delivers the simplest and most efficient fish catch cooler on the market. The Pro Catch will quickly and easily strap on to a paddleboard or a kayak. Furthermore, like all IceMule Coolers, this one floats, making it a catamaran sailor’s dream.

About IceMule, Inc.
The IceMule™ resulted from a simple need: to create a real cooler-one that carries real ice-that allows outdoor and sport’s enthusiasts to comfortably and easily carry everything they need. The idea for the IceMule™ was born on a hot, spring day when the cooler’s inventors were enjoying a daylong hike in Virginia. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to stop for cold drinks along the banks of James River, and unable to find a good waterproof portable cooler, they created a make-shift cooler out of a day pack and double lined it with plastic trash bags before filling it with ice, cold drinks and sandwiches. The design seemed like a good idea until the trash bags broke and ice water flooded one of the hiker’s backs. A wet hiker, warm drinks and soggy food started the wheels of innovation turning. When the hikers returned home, they set out to design their own soft-sided, waterproof and portable cooler that could keep ice intact, was comfortable enough to carry on long hikes and versatile enough to use for a variety of different purposes. Several months, dozens of prototypes and many days of field-testing later, the ultimate cooler was born.

Now the IceMule™ Company is expanding its line to make sure that no matter what your adventure, there will be an IceMule designed for your specific needs. To help with this effort please visit our Kickstarter campaign page. The IceMule campaign will commence on Oct. 30. For more information visit,,