Icebreaker Launches Merino Wool Hunting and Fishing Line

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – Merino specialist Icebreaker has unveiled its first ever hunting and fishing collection. The Fall 2013 product line consists of base layers, mid layers, jackets, socks and accessories for men and women. Break-Up Infinity® is offered throughout the collection.

Icebreaker pioneered the merino wool clothing outdoor category in 1994, and its new hunting and fishing layering system is designed to cope with rigorous wear regardless of weather conditions and exertion levels.

Unlike synthetics, Icebreaker merino is an ‘active’ fiber that works to keep your body at its ideal temperature in all conditions – whether you’re stationary hunting from a tree stand at the end of the season, or hunting in open country in late summer. Icebreaker merino combines all the best performance qualities of traditional wool, synthetics, cotton and everything else you’ve worn hunting or fishing:

  • Warm in the cold/cool in the heat
  • Comfortable
  • Dry
  • Odor resistant
  • Freedom of movement
  • Quiet
  • Low bulk
  • Easy care
  • “Hunting and fishing is all about reconnecting to the outdoors, so it makes sense to wear a natural fiber in nature,” said Jeremy Moon, founder and CEO of Icebreaker. “Icebreaker is an active fiber that works to keep you comfortable in all climates and conditions, from the field to the riverbank to the woods. There’s nothing better to wear in the outdoors.”