ICAST 2022: GRASP for Big-Bait Bliss

PARK FALLS, Wisc. – Dream big. Cast big. Catch big. Win big.

Every big accomplishment begins with an idea or a dream. GRASP (patent pending) started with the idea of helping anglers in the physically demanding process of throwing big, heavy swimbaits, A-rigs and musky lures on powerful rods.

Ultimately, action is required to manifest results. Leveraging nearly 75-years of angler-driven experience crafting the Best Rods on Earth®, St. Croix Rod of Park Falls, Wisconsin researched, engineered, designed, redesigned and perfected the first-ever ergonomically correct fishing rod handle optimized for casting and retrieving big baits and doing battle with the powerful predators that attempt to eat them.

The St. Croix-exclusive GRASP reel seat delivers superior ergonomic control of all-new Legend Tournament Bass swimbait rods during the cast, retrieve, and throughout fight. GRASP effectively combats the hand and wrist fatigue that commonly sets in when casting and retrieving heavy lures and doing battle with large, powerful fish. GRASP accomplishes this by always keeping the wrist properly aligned while affording the most comfortable and efficient grip on the rod and casting reel – straight and in line with the rod in the ultimate palming position, not canted back when casting or canted forward while retrieving as commonly happens with traditional casting-rod grips. The result is total control over rod and fish, with less fatigue so anglers can fish longer, fish harder, react faster, and ultimately earn more success.

Anglers win.

See the all-new Legend Tournament Bass GRASP swimbait rods in the St. Croix booth #3024 at ICAST 2022 and in the Freshwater Rod category of the 2022 ICAST New Product Showcase.

About St. Croix Rod

Headquartered in Park Falls, Wisconsin, St. Croix has been proudly producing the “Best Rods on Earth” for nearly 75 years. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with skilled craftsmanship, St. Croix is the only major producer to still build rods entirely from design through manufacturing. The company remains family-owned and operates duplicate manufacturing facilities in Park Falls and Fresnillo, Mexico. With popular trademarked series such as Legend®, Legend Xtreme®, Avid®, Premier®, Imperial®, Triumph® and Mojo, St. Croix is revered by all types of anglers from around the world.