How do You Recharge Your Batteries?

The other day I was talking with Keith Pittman, Managing Partner of M&L Solutions. They make Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm and other skin care products.

Now, the Dr. Dan’s stuff is terrific, but that’s not why I mention Keith. I’m writing about him here because he’s a guy with a lot of passion and drive for what he does. He cares about his business not just because it provides his livelihood, but because he’s a believer. I had never spoken with him before, but his energy was contagious.

I started our conversation a bit tired and ready for my day to be over. At the end of the call, I was fired up and ready to go.

It was like the difference between night and day.

Four or five years ago I was at the Bassmaster Classic Expo talking with legendary angler Rick Clunn (one of my favorite people in our industry). He was a little under the weather but agreed to do a stage interview with me. Before we got started, he talked about how he liked to be close to people who were buzzing with energy and vigor whenever he wasn’t feeling well. He used their energy to give himself a boost.

As I spoke with Keith, I thought of Rick. It got me thinking.

How do you recharge your batteries?

No, not those batteries.

I expect that all of us occasionally need a lift. It’s hard to ride an energy high all the time without eventually crashing and burning. When we do crash, it’s usually at the worst possible time and when we can least afford it.

Rick Clunn probably has no idea how much he’s taught me over the years that has absolutely nothing to do with fishing but which impacts my life every day. Mostly, he’s helped me to think about things in ways that I never thought of them before — in ways that made me realize I had the power to do something about them or at least change my attitude to better handle them.

Now I look for ways to recharge my batteries and to inspire myself. Before, I stumbled upon those things … and not necessarily when I needed them.

Now I’m more likely to notice how things impact my life before they actually do. Before, I only reacted to them.

I’m convinced it’s a better way to look at life and a better way to live.

So when I talked to Keith, I was able to capture a little of his energy and passion, and it helped me. It made my day better.

I find that kind of “support” in all kinds of places inside and outside the world of fishing, but since most of the people I know are in our industry, I take most of my inspiration from it.

I get excited when I see a revolutionary new piece of fishing gear or a young person catching a fish. I get fired up when I talk with industry people about where we’re going or where we’ve been. I feed on their knowledge. I recharge my batteries when I read a good book or article on fishing. And my brain races when I hear an idea that I hadn’t considered.

I hope you get that same excitement when reading or FTR magazine. Believe me when I tell you the inspiration is available there because the purpose is there.

FTR exists to serve the fishing industry — retailers in particular. Everything we do is focused on helping you do everything you do. If you don’t see it, look a little closer. It’s there, and it can help keep you going on those days when inspiration is hard to find and your batteries need recharging.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s be that tide.

How do you recharge your batteries? Let us know in the comment section below.