How Nightcrawlers are Helping Retailers Land the Big Ones

If you’re on the search for just the right bait, DMF Bait Co. offers a full line of quality live baits that are sure to grant you and your customers your greatest fishes.

Where success hinges on the right fishing gear, nightcrawlers have emerged as THE go-to choice in tackle. DMF Bait, a leading provider of premium nightcrawlers has played a major role in this phenomenon, offering top quality bait that fishers look for. Here’s why you should be stocking the one in the bright yellow cup!

What sets DMF Bait’s nightcrawlers apart comes down to quality. DMF worms are fresh and energetic—and the results speak for themselves. They’re exactly what fish and – just as importantly, fishermen – are looking for.

Research shows that in 2022 54.5 million people went fishing – a large percentage of them preferring live bait over artificials, and DMF delivers. Whether it’s bass in freshwater lakes, or trout in winding rivers, anglers trust DMF to do its thing in every kind of setting. And it’s not just the fish who are noticing the difference.

Retailers of all sizes have reported increased sales across both fishing and non-fishing related products when offering DMF Bait’s premium nightcrawlers – a testament to their effectiveness and versatility. When fishers come into your store, they’re also buying food and equipment for their day on the water.

Not near a fishing hotspot? Research shows it’s not as important as you think. Anglers seek quality bait near their homes, ensuring accessibility even in landlocked regions. This widespread availability has solidified DMF Bait’s nightcrawlers as the top choice in most sporting stores.

The impact of DMF Bait’s nightcrawlers on the fishing industry is significant. Anglers in the United States collectively spend billions on fishing-related expenses each year, highlighting the economic importance of the sport. DMF Bait is proud to contribute to this thriving industry, providing anglers with the tools they need to pursue their passion.

Give your store the best shot this fishing season and stock DMF Bait—the choice so many stores trust.

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