HoseCoil Introduces the Expandable Series Product Range

Bend, Ore. – HoseCoil, a leading supplier of boat washdown systems, announced today an all new product line – the HoseCoil Expandable Series. Designed for boats, RVs or anyone that needs the functionality of a long hose that will store compactly and out-of-the way, the Expandable Series is capable of shrinking to one-third of its usable length for ease of stowage.
“We consistently innovate new ways to make the overall boating experience easier,” said John McClelland, regional sales manager, Ocean Equipment, supplier of HoseCoil. “Long garden hoses are heavy to handle and bulky to store. The new expandable hose is lightweight and shrinks to one-third its usable length, making even the largest 75-foot model easy to coil and simple to store.”

Available in 25-, 50- and 75-foot lengths, the Expandable Series hose includes an adjustable spray nozzle and two-tone nylon mesh storage bag and is HoseCoil’s most compact washdown system yet. Each has a standard garden-style three-quarter-inch fitting for a universal connection. The nozzle has an adjustable spray tip, trigger handle and rubber over-molded comfort gripExpandable Series hoses are built with a double layered rubber inner tube and durable Dacron outer cover making them soft to the touch and easy to coil just like a quality three-quarter-inch braided dock line.

The HoseCoil line includes a range of washdown hoses, spray nozzles, storage systems and thermoformed enclosures that make HoseCoil an integral part of boat washdown systems. HoseCoil products are available at most boating retail stores.

For more information on HoseCoil’s complete lineup of quality washdown systems, please visit www.OceanEquipment.com.