Holiday Sales; Colder than the temperatures

Despite what many prognosticators had predicted for retailers, holiday sales ended much lower than we all hoped for, and needed them to be. Some of the experts are blaming Hurricane Sandy, others the tragedy in Connecticut; the smart ones though, realize it is partially due to the Fiscal Cliff.

Even though our elected officials have voted on some of the problems that will come with the Cliff, shoppers were unsure what the outcome would be while they were shopping these past weeks. Anyone who was watching the number of families who were forced to sign up for food stamps from June to September would have wondered how much those same families could spend on the holidays. Also, with most of the working class’ gross income not increasing, and for many households decreasing due to job loss, there was little chance the holidays could produce the revenue needed to make 2012 a success for many shops.

Fortunately, many fishing retailers do not need to rely on the holidays as their big shopping time of the year. Depending on your location and your shop’s specialty, you still have your target season approaching. How will that season be though, if America slips back into a recession due to the “new” Fiscal Cliff? Unfortunately, no one can predict what our elected leaders will do, and until they cast their final votes we won’t know how consumers will react. All signs do point to a slow beginning of 2013 for retailers; smart advertising and marketing may be the deciding factors for many retailers this year.

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