Hobie Eyewear Expands Hank Cherry Champion’s Collection

Oceanside, CA  – The Champion’s Collection was an obvious name choice when Hobie® Eyewear partnered with Hank Cherry, a two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, to create a signature series of premium fishing sunglasses. The bass fishing world first saw the Hank Cherry Champion’s Collection at last year’s Bassmaster’s Classic. Following a year of immense success, Hobie® Eyewear will reveal an expansion of the Champion’s Collection at this year’s Classic in Knoxville, Tennessee.

With the expansion, anglers now have the option of grey with cobalt blue mirror lenses in the Hank Cherry Bluefin Float and Mojo Float styles, in addition to the original copper with sea green mirror and Sightmaster™ Plus lenses. Grey with cobalt blue mirror lenses combines the versatility of grey with maximum protection in ultra-bright conditions from the cobalt blue mirror finish.

Making the Champion’s Collection sunglasses available in three premium polarized lens colors allows anglers to select the lens that best suits their preferred fishing style. All three are also well suited for day-to-day wear. Cherry, who won consecutive Bassmaster Classic titles in 2020 and 2021, has been amazed by the durability and comfort of the Champion’s Collection sunglasses and how well they allow him to see what he needs beneath the surface. He also appreciates their value, with a retail price of only $109.99.

Hobie® designed the Champion’s Collection with Cherry’s style and performance expectations in mind and chose two lightweight floating styles that suit him. All Hank Cherry Champion’s Collection sunglasses incorporate Cherry’s branding colors of black and red and feature his signature and logo.

Hobie® Eyewear will display the entire Hank Cherry Champion’s Collection series at the 2023 Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo in Knoxville March 24-26.

About Hobie® Eyewear

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