Hiring for the Holidays

The holiday rush will soon be taking place at retailers all across the land; hopefully your fishing tackle store will feel the rush as well. Even if you only need to hire one or two new seasonal employees for the holidays or for the spring fishing rush, here are some tips to ensure you get the best employees that are out there.

Call on former seasonal employees that you felt were a great fit for your store and had a sense for selling. The best groups are retired individuals looking to work for a few hours to break up their day, homemakers, even college students who will be or are home from school during the breaks in the semester.

To plan ahead for next year’s hiring, ask your valued seasonal employees if they would like to remain on your list of people to call should more part-time openings develop at your store or for next year’s seasonal hiring. The worst they can say is no, but hopefully a few will say yes and you can begin to build a list of reliable seasonal help.

Start Early
As with anything in life, the early bird gets the best pick of the worms, or in this case, the possible employees. College students returning home from school at the end of the semester should already be looking for their seasonal employment, and many of the larger box stores have already started hiring their employees. With the holiday season being so short this year you need to start your search now to find the best employees you can.

Ask Around
Just like the power of word of mouth advertising to bring customers in, word of mouth that you are hiring a few seasonal employees to members of the community you trust will help you find the real gems. Ask fellow members of your local business group, religious groups or even your fishing club if they know of anyone looking to earn some extra holiday cash this year. You may be surprised at whom you find.

If all else fails, advertise locally for new employees. You should have a standard ad already written and ready to be sent out for situations like this. You can post them to your local paper or other online sites. Some are free and some will charge you, so weigh out your needs before paying if you can get by with the free option.

Once you find your new employees, the real work will begin. They need to be trained quickly and properly so that your customers do not realize they are just a seasonal employee. Consider what aspects of the job are key and where help will be needed. Then take as much time as possible to ensure they are properly trained in these areas. Hopefully they are knowledgeable about fishing already and will know enough to assist customers in making their choices. Have them paired with a trusted and permanent employee whenever possible; this way if they run into a problem the other employee can assist with closing the sale.

Remember too to follow all local and federal laws for taxes and payroll. Even though your shop hopefully will be busy, this is no time to make an error that will cost you more than a few lost sales due to understaffing.

Do you hire seasonal employees? If so, what tactics do you use to find quality seasonal help and conduct quick, effective interviews with those employees? Share your thoughts, tactics and ideas with your fellow fishing tackle retailers on our Facebook page and in our LinkedIn group.