St. Croix’s High-Tech Recipe for an Elite Fishing Rod

Park Falls, WI  – The ice is gone. High-powered bass boats crisscross southern waters in search of five hefty keepers to bring to tournament scales. And across the fruited plains, anglers prepare for battle with finned adversaries where success is measured in the numbers of smiles created and memories forged.

Fishing rod selection is an integral component of the seasonal ritual, and every angler that has taken cork in hand and swung a rod over their shoulder recognizes that all fishing rods are not created alike.

St. Croix builds rods like none other, fusing time-honored handcrafting with 21st-century advances in materials science and rod manufacturing processes. Many of these breakthrough components and fabrication techniques “trickle down” from the flagship Legend Elite, through the technique-specific Legend Tournament series, to the workhorse St. Croix Avids.

In recognition of its fishability, sensitivity, versatility and durability, the St. Croix Legend Elite was recently named the Editor’s Choice among 2016 spinning rods by Outdoor Life magazine. The Legend Elite took home the hardware because, in the words of the editors, “it is extraordinarily sensitive, due primarily to a blank, which features super-high modulus graphite in the lower section. It is coated with two layers of slow-cure epoxy, offering an eye-popping finish with protection from occasional bumps and bruises. The firm butt steered big fish through the slop, while a delicately tapered tip provided uncompromised feel when monitoring finesse baits.”


St. Croix Legend Elite: the award-winning, high-tech flagship rod

Touring professional walleye angler and longtime guide Brian “Bro” Brosdahl relies on his Legend Elites, but especially when the deck is stacked against him and he needs to produce. Bro recounts a recent instance when the Legend Elite made the difference between a disappointing event and a fat paycheck: “During a National Walleye Tour event on Leech Lake, the bite turned tough as the wind picked up. Walleyes were just barely grabbing my jig and shiner combo, and even those bites were far and few between. I used the Legend Elite 6’0″ Med-Fast, which helped to negate the wind while whispering subtle bites to me, allowing me to make a massive move on day two and make bank.”

Why does Bro turn to the Legend Elite when the money is on the line? The answer is simple: a full complement of premium St. Croix Rod technologies are found here.

Super-high modulus graphite. The Legend Elite is constructed with a combination of incredibly-high modulus SCV and SCVI graphite. Modulus is a term used to describe the relationship between the stiffness and the weight of the blank; thus, a high-modulus rod provides a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. Why would an angler want to use a high-modulus rod? Such a rod is excellent at transferring rod momentum to the bait during the cast so you can fling your baits farther, and also smoothly delivers angler energy to the fish during the hookset so you can make your bites count


Integrated Poly Curve (IPC). The Legend Elite is built using IPC technology, a process that creates rods with smooth tapers by eliminating transition points that can focus stress and lead to rod failure.

Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART). Legend Elite blanks include ART, which blends an exotic carbon fiber material into the rod blank, resulting in a 10-fold increase in rod strength without increasing its weight.

Fortified Resin System (FRS). A space-age super resin, coupled with precision temperature control that ensures perfect alignment of graphite fibers are what FRS is all about. FRS produces rods that are 33% stronger than those built with other resins or curing methods.

Taper Enhancement Technology (TET). Further distinguishing the Legend Elite is TET, a process that begins with unique, precision cut, curved blank designs. These machine-cut patterns create rods with better actions and improved sensitivity.

Jeff Schluter, St. Croix Rod Vice President for Brand Management, elaborates further on the strengths of the Legend Elite: “In addition to TET, we made significant upgrades to rod components including new Fuji Torzite solid titanium frame guides and Fuji reel seats. The new Legend Elite is the best rod we’ve ever built, with a dramatic increase in comfort and fishing performance compared to other rods.”


Trickle Down Technology

St. Croix Rod’s technological innovations aren’t limited to the bellwether Legend Elite, either. Many of these same difference-makers find a home in other St. Croix rod families. For example, St. Croix Legend Tournament (Bass and Walleye) rods bring technique-specific rod selection to bass, walleye and musky anglers. Want to slip-bobber for walleyes or punch grass mats for largemouth? There are precision-crafted Legend Tournament rods for these, as well as a myriad of other applications favored by contemporary anglers.

Beautiful blue Legend Tournament rods are crafted from high-modulus SCIV graphite fibers, and include IPC, ART, and FRS technologies that trickle down from the Legend Elite.

Many consider St. Croix Avids (Spinning and Casting) to be the foundation of their rod collections. The timeless tools are sensitive, strong, dependable and can be called to duty year after year. Avids are precision crafted using high-modulus SCIII graphite fibers and are assembled using the same IPC technology that originates with the cornerstone Legend Elite.

Whether you draw a St. Croix Legend Elite, Legend Tournament or Avid rod from your locker, know that each of these high-tech, Wisconsin-crafted rods will help you cash more paychecks, create more smiles and forge more memories of success on the water.

Fish with confidence. Fish with a St. Croix Rod.