Chug’n Spook Jr.

Heddon Chug’n Spook Jr. For Fresh and Salt

Fort Smith, AR – For more than a half a century the world has known that the Heddon Spook is the original walk-the-dog topwater, and despite the countless copies, none captured lightning in a bottle like that original Zara Spook. Last year’s introduction of the Chug’n Spook added a new twist to this classic lure, providing more splash and spit while walking-the-dog. Now, a smaller sized Chug’n Spook is available for freshwater and saltwater anglers for those times when redfish, trout and all kinds of bass want aggressive action in a smaller package.

The Chug’n Spook and Chug’n Spook Jr., feature a concave mouth that spits loads of water and creates enormous surface disturbance. Despite the addition of the spitting mouth, the Chug’n Spooks still walk-the-dog with ease, creating that hypnotizing action that predator fish can’t resist. And at 3 ½ inches in length and ½-ounce, it casts like a bullet to reach distant fish.

The Chug’n Spook and Chug’n Spook Jr. come in both freshwater and saltwater versions so bass fishermen and those going after inshore beasts like giant redfish and stripers have one that’s perfect for the situation. The difference is in the hooks. The saltwater version features super-strong 2X Saltwater Hooks that resist rust and stand up to the punishment big and toothy brutes dish out. The freshwater versions feature tough XCalibur Tx3 hooks intended to stay sharp for bass after bass.

Chug’n Spook Jr.

The new Chug’n Spook Jr. comes in 20 color patterns and has an MSRP of just $6.99.

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