Have You Met The ‘Mini-Makaira’?

Okuma’s redesigned Alijos Lever Drag reels borrow technology from its big brother Makaira series and load it into a highly affordable, compact package.

Okuma has produced the ultimate lightweight, compact-bodied, big fish stopping machine with the upgraded Alijos lever drag reel series. This is the perfect choice for tuna fishermen, bottom fishermen, or anyone looking for an extremely durable and heavy-duty reel that can be fished on lighter tackle but still come in at an affordable price point. Referred to by many as the “Mini Makaira,” the Alijos borrows many of its important internal features from the Makaira reel series, considered by many to be one of the premiere big game reels on the market today.

Beginning with the Alijos’ drag system, Okuma mirrored Makaira’s carbonite dual-force drag system which puts out tremendous drag pressure through its 100% larger drag plates over the previous version. This allows the reel to produce 24 pounds of drag pressure on the 5 size, 34 pounds on the 12, and all the way up to 48 pounds of maximum drag pressure at full setting on the largest reel of the series, the 16.

Continuing with the inclusion of its big-brother’s features, the drag cam in the Alijos was copied directly from Makaira and allows for exceptional fine-tuning not only between freespool and strike, but from strike to full drag when anglers need to give it everything they have in order to stop a hard-running fish and winch it up from the depths.

All the drag in the world is of little benefit to an angler if the reel torques and twists up under pressure, and also coming down from the Makaira series, Okuma has added the very same thrust bearing to reduce side load at heavy drag settings when the reel is under tremendous strain from giant gamefish. This eliminates any handle binding and retains perfect freespool when needed. Speaking of freespool, Alijos features a cast control system allowing anglers to precisely dial in spool speed whether pitching smaller live baits to breaking tuna, or when dumping heavy lead to deep-dwelling giants.

“We are very excited about the re-release of the new Alijos reels. This has been an ongoing project for the past couple of years, and we are proud to have this reel on the water.”

John Bretza, Director of Product Development

For Florida’s sailfish and kingfish anglers there is a single-speed, 6.4:1 gear ratio version of the Alijos. Available in sizes 12 and 16, the Alijos SSE produces 5.7 pounds at strike with a maximum setting of 10 pounds of drag for the steady light-drag settings required in those fisheries. The SSE model is perfect for anglers targeting fast running-fish and getting tight to the line when fishing a kite rig as the 12S SE picks up 48.4 inches of line per crank and the 16S SE retrieves an impressive 58.5 inches.

Rounding out the features which make the Alijos the perfect choice for your saltwater customers, the 1-piece frame is built with 6061-T6 machined aluminum. A long, 90mm handle arm and rubberized T-bar handle allow for a comfortable and secure grip no matter how long a battle lasts.

The Alijos Lever Drag Reels are available in six different variations and sizes and have a retail price of $389.99 to $539.99. All reels are backed by a 3-year warranty.


  • 17-4 grade stainless steel main and pinion gears
  • Carbonite Dual Force Drag system with Cal’s drag grease
  • Upgraded with Makaira thrust bearing, reduces side load
  • 6BB+1TB corrosion resistant stainless-steel bearings
  • Spool bearings feature TSI-301 oil for unmatched freespool
  • Rigid 1-pcs frame and left sideplate construction
  • 6061-T6 machined aluminum frame and sideplates
  • Cold forged, Type-II anodized, machined aluminum spool
  • Silent retrieve system for ultimate cranking smoothness
  • 90mm handle arm, increases cranking leverage/power
  • Oversized T-Bar handle on all models, for cranking power
  • Lug and plug harness system featured on 12 and 16 sizes
  • External adjustable cast control system on left sideplate
  • CRC: Corrosion Resistant Coating process  

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